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DemiGoddessCreates provides mindful creations for the senses. We provide creative products and solutions for the Northern Virginia area. We craft both delicious and healthy meals for those mindful about good nutrition, as well as design services (interior and fashion).



Your home should be your oasis of calm -- we can help! 



View our unique and creative DGC products!


Learn how our meals can help you look and feel better.

About DGC

DemiGoddess Creates helps you live like a demigoddess (or demigod) with design, culinary, and fashion solutions for you to live your very best life, everyday. Think you don’t have the time, energy, or money to live like the rich and famous with their consultants, personal chefs, and stylists? Think again!


DGC supports a life well lived with attainable wellness, delivered to you.

Meet Trinh!

Trinh Banks is the OG DemiGoddess (her four children can confirm!), chief creative officer of DGC, as well as an accomplished cook, designer, and athlete (tennis). Creativity comes naturally to Trinh, and she's refined her skills with her pursuits in fine arts, interior/furniture and fashion design, and catering. 

She's always been very creative in her own household, and as friends and acquaintances began requesting her help with their own homes over the years, the concept of DemiGoddessCreates was born! She's looking forward to sharing her knowledge with you as well!


This Week's Meal Offerings

Heather C.

[DGC] is a godsend. My husband and I have been using DGC’s meal plan for 2 years now after trying many other services without satisfaction. Where else can you get organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free, healthy and freshly prepared meals that are also delicious and delivered? DGC does it all for you! It’s amazing!

Nicole D.

An ideal solution for individuals with busy lifestyles! These meals have saved me time without skimping on quality or nutrition. Trinh is an artist in crafting flavors. The meals she creates are delicious! She skillfully combines herbs, spices, and seasonings to create something so good, it's hard to believe I'm not in a restaurant! 

Danielle A.

As a working mama with complex health issues, Trinh and DCG have truly been lifesavers. No more worries about where my next gluten-, dairy-, and meat-free meal will come from, and even better, such a varied and delicious menu that even teenagers will eat her clean and healthy meals without complaint. A definite home run for my household!

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